Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Misty 6232

I have found a new paint color to go into my list of favorites!
"Misty" by Sherwin Williams.
(second color down)
I can be picky with paint colors, so my list of all time favorites is short.  This color made the cut!
It's a light blue-gray color and looks fantastic in my laundry room.  Our house is on the market, so as soon as I had a small square of test paint on the wall, of course a realtor calls and wants to show our house the next day!  So, about 3 hours later (Luke took an awesome 2 hr nap for me!) I had the laundry room painted. 

Here's the boring white walls before...

and the peaceful "Misty" walls after.

After painting, we headed to Publix and picked up a box of Borax and some Fels Naptha bars.

And I made this arrangement.
What are Fels Naptha bars?  I really don't know, I just needed something to put in my third glass container and decided on these in the laundry aisle.  They make the room smell SO clean!
Maybe next time I have a stain, I'll try them out.


Rebecca V said...

You might be the only friend I know who keeps a running list of favorite paint colors. Or maybe just the only one who admits it! That's great! And such a pretty color. One day when I buy a house I'm definitely going to hire you to pick out paint for me. :)