Friday, April 29, 2011

The Art Barn

A few of us from our playgroup headed up to the Art Barn today.
We couldn't have custom ordered more perfect weather and the play date was so much fun!
Farmer Sue is fantastic with the kids and they had so much fun seeing all the animals, painting a picture of a pig, and finishing the morning with a picnic on the farm.
Luke's favorite part was, of course, the tractor ride.
My dad had the day off to watch Brooklyn and was able to come with us; an extra set of hands is always nice.

Brooklyn, with Luke checking out the trailer




Hadley and Papa 

Hadley on the tractor


 Papa and his girls

Luke and AJ




Playing Catch up...

We've been busy and haven't been blogging!
In a nutshell:
This sweet girl is quickly losing those cute, chubby cheeks! This is her at 9 months, althought we're quickly approaching her 11 month mark! She's all over the place and I suspect any day is going to let go of my fingers and walk off all by herself; how bittersweet!
We went to the beach and stopped midway at Papa's "work" house.  I think Luke would have stayed the whole time there and considered it the best vacation ever!

I was horrible at taking pictures at the beach but snapped a few at miniature golf.

Easter was a blast this year.  It was the first year I could tell Luke the Easter story and he seemed to grasp a bit of it. He of course, didn't miss out on any of the fun of it either!

So excited to see daddy come to his school Easter party!

Picture day at school