Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Two Month Birthday!

I can't believe Luke is two months old!  The time has gone by so fast and Luke has grown in so many ways!
He is now sleeping anywhere between 8 and 11 hours at night! This has been our biggest accomplishment lately :)  He wakes up so happy in the morning and is usually content with playing and talking to himself in his crib for quite a while before I go get him.  We go to the Doctor on Thursday for his check-up and I'll post all of his stats then.  
Here are some recent photos...

We went to see Uncle Jason coach the freshmen at Hillgrove last week.  Luke absolutely loved looking at the field.
As we were leaving, he still couldn't take his eyes off the field.

We needed a babysitter on Saturday, Kelly was at a shower in the morning so Uncle J said Luke could come watch football with him.
Here's our little Dawg fan with a big Vol fan!
When Kelly got home Luke was worn out and ready to cuddle and fall asleep!
Here's Luke getting ready for all the game day action.  He's been giving us these adorable smiles periodically and I was so lucky to catch one on camera!

Luke loves his bathtime.  The only time he cries is when I start putting his clothes back on!

Sarah is one of my many friends that was pregnant at the same time.  We went on a walk last week and here is Luke and his new buddy A.J.  They were born one day short of a month apart.
Luke looks here like he is enjoying tummy time...he actually doesn't like it at all.  He usually gets fussy within a minute of me putting him on his tummy.  He was able to turn himself over from his tummy from the time he was a week and a half old. (I promise! I have it on video!) But he can't quite do it now... I guess it's all that extra weight.  So he gets very frustrated.  Hopefully he'll be able to figure it out again soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Luke's Girlfriends

We went to visit our friends Jeff & Ashleigh and their new baby, Lyla.  She was 4 days old in this picture.  Lyla's older brothers Brodey and Brock were so sweet and cute with all the babies, especially "their" baby!
Although it's hard to tell from Luke's size, Clint & Kristin's baby, Maddy is actually 11 days older than Luke.
Luke's a lucky boy in the middle of these pretty girls!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dressing Him Up

I love choosing an outfit for Luke every morning.  We were given so many super cute outfits at all of my baby showers and he hasn't had to wear anything twice yet! He also is growing so quickly, I get to choose from all of his 3 month clothing now.

Here he is in a really cute outfit.  I told Andy that Luke is ready to learn how to play golf dressed like this :)