Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hadley's Arrival

Hadley arrived Monday, June 14th at 9:16 am. She was a healthy 8 lbs, 4 oz. and 20" long. She looked a lot like Luke as a newborn except she had a lot more hair that was dark brown.

I was hoping to attempt a VBAC, but at nearly 41 weeks pregnant I ended up with a repeat c-section. Thankfullly, the second c-section was SO much easier than the first. What a great surprise!

Here's Miss Hadley on day 1

Hadley & Nanni

Hadley & Mama O

Leaving the hospital on Wednesday morning. It was so nice to have a healthy baby girl and a healthy recovery for me and go HOME a day early!
Cousin Brooklyn looks so big now!
Luke was so good at the hospital.
He loved playing with his trucks and checking out everything in the room. The best part was our view out of the window of the construction going on at the hospital. He loved watching the trucks and tractors.
He loves his sister and she gets many, many kisses everyday. He is occasionally jealous but gets over the jealousy pretty quickly.
At the Doctor's, 4 days old with daddy.
5 days old.
1 week old.
2 weeks old.