Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Birthday Party

Luke's first birthday party was with all of our family.  Luke had so much fun; he ran around like he knew everyone was there for him!

I did a simple construction theme and had dessert for everyone.

My favorite (and by what was left, everyone else's favorite) dessert was the dirt cake in the dump truck. Yummy!

The favors everyone went home with, candy coated Oreo cookies.

If you want to make fast friends with Luke, offer him a bite...of anything!

Luke's first gift of the day came from the sweet lady at Publix.

And the second from Nanni and Papa.  Both were hits!

Did you see those 2 seats in the wagon above? Yes, we already have the next space filled.  See the sweet, tiny bump below?  Baby Evans is due to come January 1st!

Luke trying out his first chair.  He loves his chair, although because it talks to him and spins around, he's still a bit cautious. 

Cake time.  I thought because Luke loves to eat so much, he would surely dig into his cake and have it everywhere.  To my surprise, he was very gentle with it.  Maybe it was because he had about 30 people staring at him and singing to him.

Thanks you so much to all of our family for not only sharing Luke's birthday with him, but for being there this entire past year for our family! We love each and everyone of you!


cathy said...

Loved all the pictures! I can't beleive Luke is one years old already. Still so cute
Thanks for sharing a pic of kelly, I have been wanting to see her!