Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friends Birthday Party

Luke's second party was for all of his "baby friends".  It was low key...lunch and swimming, and it turned out great!

Everyone tried to grab something to eat in between keeping an eye on all the babies and kids around the pool.

Luke likes his swing by the pool better than being in the pool.  He also loves to find his belly button.

Mr. Clint, keeping his eye on two at one time.  Good practice for his coming arrival in February.

We sang to Luke and gave him his cake.

After eating his cake.

We gathered inside to cool off and opened all his fun gifts!

Happy, Happy birthday boy!

ALL the kids were into ALL the gifts...

and Luke was into Brodey's belly button!

Luke thanked everyone by clapping after all the gifts were opened.
Thank you to all our friends who came to celebrate Luke's birthday! We feel so blessed.