Friday, December 2, 2011

Catching up...

 I'm not sure where to start catching up on the past 6 months, so I'll just dive in.
 We had a busy summer with a major highlight being these sweet baby girls born on August 11th. 

These girls are loved more than they'll ever know- especially by Luke. He is so gentle and loving with them.

Isn't he handsome? This was the morning of picture day at school.

Our morning rides to school are made special with our extra passenger, Caleb.

This sweet angel...

...has said good-bye to her easy going days.
She is into everything. I can't turn my head for one second.
(No, she isn't allowed on the table, but I had my phone with me when I saw her and had to take the photo)

It helps me to call it "personality".
Something both my kids have a lot of!

This was after we finished hiking Kennesaw mountain. Needless to say, he enjoyed it!

They love each other.

Life with these two is great, hard, busy and exhausting!

 A rare treat- riding in daddy's truck side by side. 

ok, much, much, more to come! I promise...