Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sold House and LOTS of rain.

We've been quite busy lately. After our house being on the market for nearly a year, with tons of lookers but no takers, we finally got 2 offers in one day! We negotiated both, worked a deal with one, and got a signed contract. Now comes the month of waiting and inspections, appraisals, etc. Keep us in your prayers that all goes well.
The rain here has been unbelievable! Here are some photos we took.

The ramp to the dock that your normally go down.
Monday morning:

Monday afternoon:

Tuesday morning:
can't even see the ramp


In other news, we've been learning to steer,

learning to use markers,

and had our first goose egg on our head!


Kimberly Jones said...

Congratulations on the House! I know the rain has been crazy. Praise the Lord for a sunny day today:-) Luke is SO cute...you gotta love when they are learning to color with markers!

shannon burke said...

luke is so adorable! i just love your blog. congrats on the sale of your house. hope you guys are doing well!

Lee Ann Barton said...

wow, pictures are crazy... where are you moving too? Congrats!
Here is my email so we can chat about colors... :)


Beth Goff said...

WOW... Those are amazing pictures! Luke is so precious!!