Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Weekend, Trains & Trucks

We dropped our kids off at my mom and dad's for the night this Friday. I was so excited to have a night "off" just to relax. We had dinner and saw this train as we were leaving. At that moment, I decided I would have given up the night off just to have Luke here with me to see the "choo choo" that he looks for everyday when we drive by the tracks.
I sent the picture to him and mom said he loved it. Although I'm sure he glanced at it, loved it for a second, and then went on playing his heart out at Nanni and Papa's.

Luke has become quite a daddy's boy lately and Andy is loving it.
Andy missed his little buddy also and decided to spend some quality time with him on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure he couldn't have taken him to a better place in the world...the construction yard his work has at the "BIG Airport!"
Papa went also and I'm so thankful he sent me pictures of their adventure.


Emilie Smith said...

Hey Kristen! I just caught up on your blog. Hadley and Luke are so cute : ) We are about to start potty training next week and that is the best idea about the fire truck. I think I'm going to steal that!!! I hope y'all are doing great - we would love to meet at Swift park one day when the weather gets pretty again!