Friday, February 18, 2011

Potty Training, Firetrucks and Trains

What do you spy?
 If you answered, "big boy underwear", you're correct!

It brings me great joy to write this post! Potty training was something I was putting off until it just couldn't wait any longer. Luke's doctor advised us to start and I am so glad we took the advice.
I woke Luke up in the morning and told him that the firemen called me and told me that when Luke started using the toilet everyday, he could get on a firetruck. And if he tried all day long, the next day, we would go ride Thomas the Train at the train show.
Before this, Luke had no interest whatsoever in using the toilet. Thankfully, this motivation is just what he needed.
We had only one accident the first day and to my disbelief the next morning, he was completely dry. 6 days later and he has woken up from every nap and nighttime DRY and we haven't had an accident all week! He truly exceeded my expectations and I am SO PROUD!
Way to go, Luke! 
Now I need to really talk to some firemen...

Day 1

Day 2 on the way to ride Thomas

Hadley was just as impressed watching the trains. Such a sweet girl...