Monday, August 23, 2010

Luke starts School

Luke started school last week.  I was told by my husband that his outfit was not a good choice :)
I thought it was cute: first day of 2 year preschool and a chance to reuse his 2nd birthday shirt.
I sent him the next day in a much more manly shirt.

It's just 2 days a week for 4 hours in the morning.  So far he's done really well.  Only a few tears each day. It's so nice for me to be able to get some things done and spend one on one time with Hadley.  I miss him terribly and get really excited to see 1:00 approach.

He's very proud of his Thomas backpack and needed to show it off..

His first day I promised a surprise when I picked him up, he loved the Nemo fish. I am amazed at the small things that can make a little boy so happy!
He cracked us up last week when he came home and told on himself.  He kept saying things like, "push AJ", "AJ fall down", "no no no no".  We asked  him why he pushed AJ and finally the next day he said, "AJ take tractor".
AJ is one of my best friends little boy so they already knew each other before class.  His teacher said they both get really into their play, push each other and act like brothers.

Luke & AJ

A new "first day of school" tradition was started: choice of dinner which was of course, pizza!

and a special cake!