Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We took Luke to the Cedarcrest Egg Hunt.  He had a blast!

They had jumpies...

and in the middle of all the action, Luke couldn't resist dancing to the music over the loud speaker.

Andy showed him how to "hunt" for eggs and Luke caught on right away...

here's the best family picture we got...

and then it was time to dance to the music again.

Here's Luke with some of his friends:
Brodey, Lyla, Maddy, Ava, Caleb, and Brock.
Sitting so sweetly...
until he couldn't stand it anymore and needed to get up and dance...again!
Ashleigh caught a video clip and posted it at the end of her post here.  I love my little entertainer!

Chad and Caleb, Andy and Luke, Greg and AJ

and I can't leave this beautiful picture out...this was Kelly's first full day back at work.  Jason brought Brooklyn and she was such a good girl, slept the whole time!