Monday, January 25, 2010

20 Weeks, 18 Months, & a stomach bug...

...that pretty much describes last week for us.

20 Weeks...I can't believe I have reached the half-way mark of this pregnancy! It has gone by so very quickly.  I have learned to not wish one day away; to cherish each little movement and milestone -it goes by so quickly. 

18 Months...My little man is 1-1/2 years old! Again, hard to believe.  I guess I can officially call him a toddler.  He's doing all kinds of new and exciting things lately.
When he was in my belly and I told people it was a boy I would hear so much about how very much little boys love their mommies.  I am learning that this is SO true, he melts my heart everyday with the love and affection he shows me!

3 fun things he likes to do all in one picture: coloring, praying, and wearing his gloves.

We woke up this morning and headed straight to Luke's 18 month well check.

He's a healthy boy and I'm a proud momma.

The downside of an 18 month old?
Getting a good picture! 
I try so hard and most turn out like this:

and finally, the stomach bug:
Andy started the week off with a stomach bug.  We thought we were in the clear until Wednesday when Luke woke up sick and I got sick the following night.
Thankfully, we are all much better and looking forward to a healthy and fun week ahead.
Happy Monday!


Kimberly Jones said...

Luke is so cute!!! I can't believe he is 1 1/2! You are right it goes by too fast. Kylie, Andy, and I all had the stomach bug was no fun! Hope you are all feeling much better!