Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend at Nanni & Papa's & Lawn Lessons

Happy Tuesday! We just ended a great weekend- with only 1 photo to post...
This is Luke hanging out with Papa on their back deck.
Luke and I spent the weekend with my mom and dad because Andy was away on a guy's weekend at the lake.
We had a great time, Luke was spoiled all weekend of course, and I was spoiled with time to myself!  I ran all kinds of errands and did all kinds of chores, all without a schedule!

I even attempted mowing the lawn for the first time...ever.
I wanted it to be a surprise for Andy when he got home.
It only took about 10 calls to my dad before he said he was heading over to help.
I even did the diagonal lines to make it pretty, not too bad for my first time, right?
It might even look better if I took the picture from the road, but this is a public blog, so you don't get to see my house.

I also went with Kelly to Babies R Us to help get her registry started and look what I found:
It's a Nana Saver.  I had been wondering if anyone else shared my half banana problem. While it still makes the end of the banana brown, it does keep it fresher than just exposing it to air.  And keeps away any fruit flies.  Not bad for $2.99.
It makes me want to try out my friend, Beth's recommendation, the Avo Saver.
Beth, is it weird that we're both so concerned about saving our fruit?


Stephanie said...

Hey, Kristen. The lawn looks great! I have only attempted to cut the grass 1 time when I was in high school at my parents house. My dad had a riding lawn mower and I ran into the front porch with it. I said never again and I haven't! Haha! Good for you. Oh, and I LOVE the nana saver too:)

Ashleigh said...

I love this post! And the grass looks great! It's kinda fun, isn't it?!

Beth Goff said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I will have to get one of those!!!