Monday, December 1, 2008

4 Month Well Check

Luke had his 4 month well check today.  He's a healthy boy!
He is 26" (90th percentile) and 
19 pounds (over 95th percentile)!
He got his 4 month immunization shots and he has been a little more fussy than normal today.  His Mama O (Andy's mom) got him the Pooh bear and Tigger yesterday that are in the pictures below.  I'm so glad I had them, they sing and play their instruments and they were the only toys that made Luke happy today! I took these pictures with his pants off so I could get his 3 bandaids on his thighs in the picture.


Ashleigh said...

oh he's sooooo cute. I LOVE those thighs.

Ashly said...

He's such a cutie Kristen! Enjoy him=)