Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting & Sea Turtles

We Voted! I went with Sarah and Kristin and our babies to vote early last Thursday.  Being there together made the 2-1/2 hours go by pretty fast and all of the babies were well behaved the whole time!  Luke, Maddy, and AJ got lots of attention!

Our pastor, George Wright, shared a sermon yesterday titled, "Politicked".  I thought he did a wonderful job and thought I'd share a bit from it. I've paraphrased in order to share one of his 5 points, but you can find the whole sermon here...

"it's the President's responsibility to appoint justices to the United States Supreme court...the people that the President puts on the bench of the Supreme Court will affect this nation far beyond the term of the Presidency.  This is a huge responsibility.  ...there are issues in this election and in our land that can and will be brought before the Supreme Court.
Do you realize that since 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled in the Roe vs Wade case that it is legal to have an abortion in the U.S. that there have been over 40 MILLION children aborted in this country...3,200 a day...let me explain it this way:
In the United States of America, if you are an unborn Sea Turtle, you have more rights and protection than an unborn human child?
Walking on the beach in South Carolina you can see these little places where marine biologists have discovered that there's a sea turtle's nest there. If you touch this nest, you will be thrown in jail.  If you destroy one of these eggs and end the life of a little sea turtle, you will be prosecuted for a Federal offense.  If you abort your child, you can do whatever you want!
Please understand where God's word lines up on this, God values human life more than anything.  As you look at this election and call yourself a follower of Christ, if the issues that are important to you are things like the economy and tax breaks and they are more important to you than the value of human life, you are not lining up with God's word.  It is the President's responsibility to put people in place that can actually change it.  We have the opportunity to vote for someone who can actually make a difference in this huge mistake of American history.  Please search your heart, please pray, that God would show you the right person to fulfill this huge responsibility to nominate the right person that can make the right decision that lines up with the Word of God!"