Friday, June 13, 2008

31-1/2 Week Sonogram

Below are the images from Luke's 3d/4d sonogram. It was amazing to see how much he has changed since his 18 week sonogram!

The first image below is a video...

Luke is still in the breech position and we are praying that he will turn head down so I don't have to have a c-section. You can see his position in the image below. To the upper right of his feet is the side/profile of his forehead, eyes, and nose. I would have never figured it out if the technician had not pointed it out, so hopefully you can make it out.

Here are some more of my favorite images...


Summer Pendley said...

Kristen, I LOVE these pictures...we did this too with both our kids, and it is AMAZING how accurate the images are once the kids are born. I love the picture of Luke's little feet.

I know you are very anxious to see him soon...I'll be praying that he changes position for you! :)

Take care!

Beth G. said...

That is so amazing Kristen!! I know all about having a breech baby! We tried the version with Karoline but she would not move... honestly I didn't mind my csection at all and I had another one with Anderson and it went well too. Are you going to try to move him?