Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 50 Yard Line!

I can't believe that today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy! Even though the sickness of weeks 5 - 13 seemed like they lasted forever, looking back it has really gone by fast. I am hoping the next 20 go by just as fast because Andy and I can't wait to see and hold Luke.
With that being said, I also hope they don't go by too fast because we have a long list of things that need to get done between now and then!

The past week has been so exciting because I am regularly feeling Luke move! He gets more and more active everyday!
(by request, I've tried to make a football reference for uncle Brad!)


Ashleigh said...

YAY!! Only 20 weeks to go!! I'm jealous.

PT said...

kristen!! i'm so glad you found me! :) CONGRATULATIONS to you...that's so exciting...you will be a great momma. I love the name Luke! miss you...xoxo


Natalie McGough said...

Congratulations!! You said you would love to have a boy...he's going to be so much fun! I love the name Luke, isn't it fun to be able to call him Luke instead of "it". If I can talk Wayne in to it, I think we can find out what we're having at my next appt., April 8...yey!! I hope you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

I love the football reference! It is perfect for the kid that is going to carry on the "O'Kelley dynasty!" However, I noticed the middle name is now Andrew??? lets think about this... do we really need another person on the face of this planet who has the 2 words Andrew and O'Kelley in his name? This is risky!!!

a.k.a "THE uncle"

Dad said...

I can hardly wait for my first grand-child to get here but I’m reminded that it's not often that we get to work one-on-one with God. As the clock ticks enjoy every moment of the experience with the Lord. It's exciting to know that you are part of a miracle. May the Lord continue to bless and anoint Luke and my baby girl!!!